Hiding Under the Bed Is Not the Answer


According to the Organization of American States, 1, 205 women are murdered every year in Mexico; nearly half of which (40%) are victims of domestic violence. As Margarita Guillé Tamayo, representative of this body highlighted yesterday, this is indicative of the culture of toleration and impunity towards violence against women in Mexico. In Spain, for example, only 80 such cases are recorded each year[1].

The most dangerous place to be a women in Mexico, as I have mentioned in other posts, is the state of Mexico (in the centre of the Republic) [2] According to the latest reports, the total of femicides in this entity during the last two years now stands at 556. If nationally, three women are
murdered every day. In the state of Mexico, the figure is one woman murdered every day. Equally disturbing is the fact that the prosecution of this type of crime is woeful here: only 35% of murderers were convicted between 2000 and 2005; in 20% of cases an arrest warrant has been issued, but no one has been arrested; and, in the other 45% of cases the investigation is still ongoing [3]. The second most dangerous place is in the capital’s Federal District , where 236 women have been murdered; followed by the northern states of Sinaloa (170) and Chihuahua (157), home to Ciudad Juárez.

Quite apart from being a morally important story; this is also a politically significant issue, as the governor of this state, Enrique Peña Nieto is the Partido de la Revolución Institucional‘s (Institutional Revolutionary Party or PRI) favoured candidate for the 2012 presidential elections. It is interesting then, in this context that the Federal Senate should have agreed to exhort Peña Nieto to implement a policy to “stop this shameful situation of violence against women continuing” and to undertake measures to better his state’s record in prosecuting the perpetrators of these crimes. All parties represented in the Senate voted in favour of this exhortation, including the PRI. It can only be hoped that such unwelcome publicity will make Peña Nieto take more notice of the problems in his own backyard before postulating himself for a national government role.

[1] http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/notas/723269.html


[3] http://www.cimacnoticias.com/site/10091301-REPORTAJE-Cuanto-ma.44114.0.html

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