Hiding Under the Bed Is Not the Answer

Indigenous Women Fitted With Coils Without Their Consent in Oaxaca

The following is a resumed translation of a story published on the Cimac news site on 25 November 2011.

Community midwives in Oaxaca allege that the State Health Service is violating indigenous women’s’ rights by fitting them with the IUD or coil without their consent. What is more, they claim that these devices are being fitted immediately postpartum, preventing the normal bleeding that occurs in the month after birth and thus severely endangering their health. Women are also becoming pregnant despite the IUDs, running the risk of miscarriage and severe hemorrhaging.

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  1. […] to hear complaints from post-partum women that they have been fitted with the contraceptive coil –without their consent and sometimes without their knowledge. In some cases this action, which is dangerous as it can […]

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